Wednesday, April 9, 2008

“Whether you agree or disagree…”

...It must be by far the most fascinating site I’ve stumbled upon in ages. It’s entertaining (a perfect way to spend office hours, when no one is looking), but there is much more to it. This program must have been the forerunner of “60 Minutes” and Mike Wallace gives us an example of some very fine journalism.
One can read the transcripts of interviews, but I wouldn’t recommend it. Take your time, listen and enjoy. There are Elsa Maxwell, Salvadore Dali, Aldous Huxley for you.
PS. The first interview I watched was the one with Gloria Swanson. Of all things, I was surprised by how extremely fragile she appears. But still big - and for a change in a picture to match her worth.


tangobaby said...

What an incredible find! I can't watch them at work but I look forward to seeing them at home.

I just recently watch all of Edward R. Murrow's celebrity interviews on DVD. After he stopped being a war correspondant, he interviewed Hollywood stars. Very interesting cultural artifacts.

Thanks for the great link!

La Tanguerita said...

You are very welcome.
Edward R. Murrow? You lucky girl. One of the reasons ( apart from the obvious ones:-)I heart the guy from the post above, is his “Good night, and good luck” movie.