Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Thru the wall

While looking for Handel’s ‘Sarabande’ from the Suite in D minor for solo harpsichord at youtube I stumbled upon this ad:

Haven’t seen it in ages. Still, I do remember how exhilarating I found this video the first time I watched it back in 2002.
Didn’t buy the jeans though.
PS.While we are at it: the UK Lilt Odyssey spoof is not to be missed.


tangocherie said...

Oh I LOVE this! It's gorgeous, and Handel is always profoundly moving.

But I would have liked it better if they had been running through walls and up trees and over mountains to meet each other!

It's just the romantic tanguera in me.

Thank you for posting this. I never would have seen it otherwise.

La Tanguerita said...

You are welcome, Cherie. I love it, too. Everything about it is right on: the music, the faces. As for meeting each other - maybe they did. Somewhere out in the universe. Gotta give a girl more time to appraise the situation, don’t you?:-)

bernthis said...

I've never seen this ad before. Where the hell was I in '02? Great but I'd moved from Levi's myself by then

La Tanguerita said...

Hi! Nice to see you here. Dunno, maybe it was a “European market only” kind of spot. Or else I probably should get a life already. You know, watch less telly, eat a vegetable instead of being one.
Love your blog.