Wednesday, May 7, 2008

"And Oh, how happy shall that future be!..."

Last night I didn't get much sleep, as my old neighbour tried to torch his flat.
Officially he was busy microwaving some rolls, but as it happened to occur around midnight, he must have forgotten all about his hunger and fell asleep. The rolls were reduced to cinder, the fire alarm went off and we spent half the night airing his kitchen and scratching what left from his dinner-not-to-be into the waste bin.
He is a sweet old man, who keeps forgetting my name but never misses a beat when it comes to flirting with me.
Each time we would meet in the staircase, he'd straighten his back (I can almost hear his fragile vertebrae uncurling) and flash his false teeth. I would slow down to let him cram out his old, carefully polished chat-up lines. Sometimes he gives me a toffee and watches me unpeel the sweated-in wrap from the sticky surface of a candy.
In his youth he must have been quite a ladies man.
In the morning the air on our floor was still thick with fumes. My hair is reeking of smoke because I was way too done in to wash it.
That's not what I intended to write about. You see, my thoughts are all over the place. I must be really tired.
I'm an avid
IGoogle -user. Lazy as I am, I couldn't find a better way to organize my favourites.
My igoogle- page is packed with your blogs, but also lots of neat&nifty gadgets.
It tells me about the weather in BA, supplies youtube news, it countdowns hours left till the clock-out and sometimes I calligraph little mean things about my boss onto the little yellow notes one can magically make disappear.
However, on IGoogle one can now get so-called
"artist themes".
I tried a couple of motives before tripping over the
pig of happiness and now have a confession to make.
I love
Edward Monkton and his interesting thoughts.
The person behind these designs is a well-known poet. He is also a
courageous man, who happened to have successfully fought cancer while doing his finals in Oxford.
Besides he knows everything about women's profound relationships with
chocolate and shoes - and isn't afraid to tell you so.
Now I'm sitting at my desk, and the sheep of destiny is grinning at me, promising me a happy future.
And for once I do believe it.

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