Thursday, May 8, 2008

A home at the end of the world

I’m a big city girl by birth and at heart.
But if I weren’t, I'd spend my life living in this house.
And which one would be yours?


Caren42 said...

Ich komme mit! Auf der anderen Seite gibt es doch sicherlich Seeblick, oder? Das muss nun noch sein! :))

Liebe Grüße!!!

PS: Ich bin in einer Phase, die man nicht mit "gesprächig" bezeichnen kann, es gibt zu viel zu bedenken und beachten. Als Steinbock kennst du sowas ja. Sagt der Stier :D

Björn said...

Dann konkurrieren wir wohl ums Haus :-) Oder einigen uns. Außerdem nehme ich noch gerne das Haus in Kanada.

tangobaby said...

Oooh! What a fun idea to ponder. I'll have to get back to you on this.

But in the meantime, will you still be able to get to the milongas? You might need a little plane to go with your dream house.


Miss Tango said...

I could not decide which one I want...I want all of them!

Alex said...

I'll have to go with the Tuscan villa, too. My "dream" house is a Tuscan villa/contemporary minimalist collision with Spanish colonial hacienda overtones.

msHedgehog said...

I like the Norwegian one with the reflections. So cold, but so quiet.

La Tanguerita said...

Caren, Björn, Alex:-)
this house is huge – there is lots of room for everyone. No need to fight:-)
Miss tango,
Why don’t we split our time between 'em all? Winter in Savoyer Bergen, sommer in Ahrenshoop and from time to time a side trip to the country in the Laurentides.
in such a big house...there is bound to be a room for a decent milonga, don’t you think?
it doesn't seem so cold to me, but very small. Somehow touching.